The Development Team

About Us

We are students attending American University’s Game Design MA program.

Austin Branion – Creative Director and Programmer

me in dark blue A self-declared language nerd, Austin spent many years studying Arabic and the Middle East, including a profoundly formative year as a graduate fellow in Damascus. His professional expertise is in translating and analyzing the media production of Islamist militants. It is his personal connection to the people and places of Syria, enmeshed with his professional engagement with the unparalleled volume of media content engendered by this war, that inspires him to  memorialize its manifold tragedies in his favored medium of creative expression

Ethan Goss-Alexander  –  Flocking and Sound Design

Ethan picEthan is a social justice advocate and storyteller with an interest in changing thoughts and actions through play. Leveraging past experience creating video and audio stories, they created Hold On’s soundscape, as well as its trailer. Ethan also has an interest in Game AI, decision making and group movement, which lead them to create the two distinct flocking behaviors in Hold On.

CY Yin – Art Director and Programmer


CY has a degree in advertising with a focus in visual communication and art from the Shanghai Normal University in China. She led and won design competitions at nationally recognized events and managed government led efforts in visual representation at Conferences and Expos in Shanghai. As a graduate student at American, CY has focused her contribution to the expansion of visual art in game design by drawing from her knowledge of colors and textures for this project. In addition, CY is actively exploring game coding and programming challenges to broaden her perspective in gaming interface and communication.  She lives part of the year in her native Shanghai where she has experienced the incredible transformation of Chinese society and has a deep insight in family-bond which will be a valuable asset to the concept of this game.

Aubrey Hill – Producer and Environmental Programmer

Holi 2011Aubrey is an anthropologist, non profit administrator, teacher, and data manager as well as a complex systems enthusiast. Her background and experience with evolution, ecology and interest in how those systems effect behavior lead her to devote herself to programming our dynamic responsive environment. (Her organizational skills helped out as producer too … she guesses.)